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Stop Here, This is the Place

THIS IS A STORY ABOUT TWO FRIENDS — a photographer and a writer in Portland, Maine, who tried an experiment. At the start of every week for 52 weeks Winky sent Susan a photograph, and by the end of that week Susan sent a tiny story back — a moment in time that talked to the photograph. The photographs were of their children, and the street where they all lived (only one house separated their two families), and of other places in Maine. What happened while they weren’t looking was that their experiment began to slow time down. All the marriages of words and image said, Stop Here.

Praise For Stop Here, This is the Place

“The photographs feel as intimate as my favorite family snapshots. The prose is real and beautiful and pulls me back through time.”

— Elizabeth Gilbert, author of The Signature of All Things

Best Mother Day Gifts 2016

— Real Simple Magazine

“A way to step back from the life you lead and put it in a time capsule.”

— David McLain, National Geographic

“A stunning tribute to the bond formed by raising children. The words are perfectly chosen. This is a gift, a love story, a window.”

— Elke Govertsen, Mamalode Magazine